Central CA Coast - PowerPoint Figures w/captions (download here)

Central CA Coast - PowerPoint Figures w/captions  (download here)
This PowerPoint file will help you explore the origins of coastal features, such as wave-cut rock cliffs, sea caves, and sea stacks, as well as sand and gravel beaches and coastal dunes. It unravels the wonderful mystery of how the birth of the San Andreas Fault system has created a new and complex shoreline that has enthralled visitors from around the world. Furthermore, it explains the changing face of the coastline through erosion during El NiƱos, the impacts of tsunamis, and the formation of spectacular raised marine terraces created as a result of changing sea level during the ice ages and the continuing rise of the Coast Ranges. The key ecological resources are described in detail for each of the major subdivisions of the coast. This general treatment of the coastal geology and ecology of Central California will help you understand this exceptional coast through a delightful and completely comprehensible narrative.

This is a PowerPoint file (275 MB) of the original diagrams, aerial photographs, and satellite imagery of the book that paints a truly complete picture of a complex topic rarely so smoothly distilled from the scientific literature.

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