Coasts of the World - A Photographic Tour (download here)

Coasts of the World - A Photographic Tour  (download here)
This is a book of color photographs, being offered free of charge by coastal geologist Miles O. Hayes, designed to illustrate the fascinating complexity of the coasts of the world. Hayes has conducted research in 42 countries on all the major continents as well as field sessions near both the North and South Poles. The photographs are grouped into five major geomorphic categories:

1) Steep mountainous coasts that usually occur on the leading edges of continental plates (e.g., southeast Alaska, Baja California);

2) Coastal plain and deltaic coasts that are most common on the trailing edges of continental plates (e.g., southeastern USA);

3) Older shorelines backed by plateaus and pre-Cambrian shields (e.g., West Africa, Oman);

4) Large lakes and marginal sea coasts [e.g., Arabian (Persian) Gulf, Great Lakes]; and

5) Glaciated coasts, both Holocene and Pleistocene (e.g., Iceland, Strait of Magellan). A large number of oblique aerial photographs taken in all of these areas dominate the set.

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